Blocky Cars Online is a pixel online first person shooter and cars combats.

Create a car of any form and battle online with players worldwide!

30+ guns and turrets and 90+ block for crafting your own tank or a truck and 12 maps.


Customize your car in the garage, get new slots to park more cars in your garage.

1 slot - 1 new car. Max amount of created cars in your garage is 5. Car can be created of various kinds of blocks. Blocks are influencing on car's characteristics and has a particular weight and strenght.The higher these indicators are, the stronger will be your car with these blocks.

Car can be armored with different reinforced panels, shields and blocks. Set better wheels your car to be fast in battle and race.



Block kinds: Edit

Wheel's characteristics are strenght, weight, maх speed and power.



Equip the car with turrets to make it a tank. Turrets indicators - strength, weight, damage, speed rate.

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The car can fly and that's why it should be equipped with turbines and boosters with high indicators in strength, weight, lift power and setup fuel for lifting turbines, force for accerating turbines.



You can decorate and enforce your cars with spoilers, radars, flags and many other unique items deasigned to make the car the strongest among enemie's cars. One of the most important things about car crafting is that you can modify each car's detail what gives characteristic's growth.

Shop: Edit

Blocky Cars Online shop consists of 5 sections: guns, hero (with a possibility to create your own skin), blocks, cars (already crafted by developers) and special (nice bonuses for you).


Shop Cars


Skins in the shop


Create your skin

Controls: Edit

The controls are lever for car's accelerating and braking on the left side of a display. The right side of the screen is for turning around, aiming and there are a shooting button, jumping button and a special button in the top right corner to leave the car.
There is a chat right in the game with a possibility to switch between worldwide and your country chat.



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